Whey is a side product when we make cheese from milk. It’s the the thin liquid that remains when we strain and curdle milk or kefir. You can also see it when you prepare kefir and there is sometimes a separation happening during fermentation. This happens when when the room temperature gets higher and the grains are… Read More


Whether you are a beginner in milk kefir making or just interested in broadening your possibilities in making it, it’s not uncommon to ask yourself: “What kind of milk should I use for milk kefir?” Is it necessary to prepare milk kefir with cow milk? What about goat or sheep milk or even non-animal milk? Kefir… Read More

kefir bread

Don’t be intimidated, its not just our mothers and grandmothers who know the secrets to bread making. Kefir bread from spelt flour can be a tasty addition to your bread selection. By adding kefir to it you make a little twist that may even leave your mother wondering … Having some extra kefir in the… Read More

probiotic drink

How can probiotic drink help your kids immune system? Even though winter is slowly coming to its end, we are still facing non-stop common colds, coughing and other small health problems. Having kids, these colds are even more often, especially if they are in kindergarten or school. The food and drinks we consume have a huge effect… Read More


The wonderful thing about milk kefir grains is their endurance. Even after pausing their activity to produce kefir you can revive milk kefir grains. There are many reasons why you would need to revive milk kefir grains. Perhaps they were in the fridge for month or two. Or perhaps they traveled by  mail. The steps… Read More


With colder and shorter days we usually spend more time inside where it’s warm and cosy. And what better pastime is there than making magic with your spatula? Baking chocolate muffins is  fun and easy with delicious results that will appeal to every sweet tooth. Finally add some apple to make them even more juicy… Read More


Once you have made your way in kefir making process and figured all the right measures, sizes and tastes of it, it is a good time to consider doing a second fermentation of kefir. It may seem as extra work that is not really necessary, but it actually has quite some benefits. The main differences… Read More


As you may know, kefir is a great source of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and a variety of other unique compounds. And these  are important because they are greatly contributing to overall health and well-being. As we already wrote about vitamins and probiotics, the focus of this post is on minerals. Kefir contains variety of minerals,… Read More


If you like drinking water kefir, you may like to try giving to it some twist. And what better twist than mixing the water kefir with oranges. FIZZY ORANGEADE Ingredients: 6–8 tbsp water kefir grains (tibicos) 4 dcl orange juice + 4 dcl water; or 8 dcl cold water 4 cubes crystallized stem ginger or… Read More


  One of interesting facts about kefir is that it is not only probiotic (beneficial microorganisms), but also a prebiotic drink. It contains beneficial microorganisms and induces their growth or activity. These microorganisms play an important role within overall gut balance. They are strengthening immune system and protect the whole organism from various critical conditions. Moreover,… Read More