One of interesting facts about kefir is that it is not only probiotic (beneficial microorganisms), but also a prebiotic drink. It contains beneficial microorganisms and induces their growth or activity. These microorganisms play an important role within overall gut balance. They are strengthening immune system and protect the whole organism from various critical conditions. Moreover,… Read More

The fall has fallen and so are its colors. Using its brush as an action painter, mother nature goes around and brings joy of autumn’s horn of plenty. Within this imagined horn, the very special place belongs to pumpkin. The orange queen of autumn is not just a Halloween prop, it can also be a… Read More

Have you ever consider to mail kefir grains if you have too many? As you may notice, if you take a good care of your kefir grains, they will multiply. Perhaps the best way to get rid of extra grains is to ship them to someone who is looking for opportunity to grow its own home-made… Read More