HOMEMADE KEFIR & VITAMINS Kefirko blog is all about kefir and its health benefits. We have already talked about main benefits of kefir for our body, however, we did not go deep into why this is the case. We know kefir is right with probiotics, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Now let’s take a look at… Read More

Coconut kefir smoothie with strawberries and banana   Coconut milk kefir is a fantastic alternative to milk kefir. Especially for those with lactose intolerance. It can also be great alternative if you just want to mix it up a bit. In previous post, we learned how to prepare coconut milk kefir and what are its… Read More

Coconut milk kefir – a non-dairy kefir alternative Milk kefir is fantastic diary drink with high amounts of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, despite fermentation which removes much of the lactose in milk (kefir grains feed on it), there is still some left and many feel the effects of it. For some this might… Read More


Kefir – drink of Olympians During 31st Olympic games in Rio much attention will be given to the athletes competing and their successes. We all know and understand the strength and persistence it takes to be an Olympic athlete. Years and years of practice, hard competition and pure will to continue. All athletes must be… Read More

Fantastic Fruit Infused Water   During hot summer days one of the most important things we need to do for our body is to stay hydrated. There are plenty of juices and waters with taste in store. However, the best and easiest for your body is just plain tap water (where it is drinkable). Plain… Read More

Fruity probiotic ice lollies

Fruity probiotic ice lollies Summer is here and that means sunny days with little chance of escaping the heat.  We all love ice cream, kids even more, but sometimes ice creams are full of sugar and other sweeteners and artificial coloring. Why should we agree to that, when we know there is better, healthier alternative. Kefir… Read More


How to make traditional kefir? Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage with numerous health benefits: but to get the best of it, it has to be fresh – and for this do-it-yourself preparation is the best. Those of you who already know kefir will probably agree that this is a very refreshing, tasty and also healthy beverage.… Read More

Mango panna cotta.

Panna cotta with mango and raspberries There is nothing like little sweetness to brighten your day. This pana cotas will brighten any day or make any party fabulous. Ingredients: 250 ml cream 1–2 tbsp sugar 2 dcl kefir 1 pinch vanilla powder or seeds from 1 vanilla pod 3 gelatine leaves 1 mango 1 basketful… Read More

Milk kefir

Plain milk kefir taste not for you? Flavour it with anything you like. After first 24 hours of fermentation you are presented with fantastic probiotic drink. Kefir is well known and celebrated for its health benefits. However, taste (and smell) of plain kefir is not pleasant to all.  Taste of kefir highly depends on health of… Read More