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Kefir is a probiotic drink with many positive effects on your gut health and general well-being. It can be drank every day as it is – freshly fermented and strained or used in variety of dishes. Here are some ideas for kefir meals that can be prepared during the day. Breakfast kefir meals: Smoothies or Cereals… Read More


Are you drinking kefir every day? … or you just drink a cup now and then? While some people just can’t live without a daily dose of kefir probiotics, other drink it only occasionally. It depends on what is your personal taste but if you are looking for some pointers on how much kefir is recommended,… Read More

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Filled with bacteria strains that improve your gut health, a great refreshment that can replace sugared sodas and packed with vitamins – coconut water kefir! Already enjoying fermented foods and becoming quite an expert on fermenting kefir? Wether milk or water kefir lover, coconut can be a new excitement in your fermenting experience. To prepare water… Read More


Do you take breaks from making and drinking kefir? How do you store kefir grains when this happens? It’s not necessary to make a break  from kefir at all. Nevertheless, sometimes it comes to that and then you need to put the grains on a break for a little while too. It can be because… Read More

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Water kefir is a beverage made of water, sugar and kefir grains. The process needed to make water kefir is fermentation. Due to fermentation, kefir is lightly carbonated, acidic and contains a very low alcohol percentage. The main ingredient for the water kefir are kefir grains and water. And similar to milk kefir, the grains are a live… Read More


Homemade mozzarella isn’t something scary and complicated that any home cook couldn’t make. It actually takes very little time and only few ingredients to prepare this traditional Italian cheese. We decided to share this recipe for homemade mozzarella with you to give you some insight into all the delicious dishes that can be made with… Read More


Whey is a side product when we make cheese from milk. It’s the the thin liquid that remains when we strain and curdle milk or kefir. You can also see it when you prepare kefir and there is sometimes a separation happening during fermentation. This happens when when the room temperature gets higher and the grains are… Read More

Pumpkin soup with kefir.

The fall has fallen and so are its colors. Using its brush as an action painter, mother nature goes around and brings joy of autumn’s horn of plenty. Within this imagined horn, the very special place belongs to pumpkin. The orange queen of autumn is not just a Halloween prop, it can also be a… Read More

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Have you ever consider to mail kefir grains if you have too many? As you may notice, if you take a good care of your kefir grains, they will multiply. Perhaps the best way to get rid of extra grains is to ship them to someone who is looking for opportunity to grow its own home-made… Read More


Kefir – drink of Olympians During 31st Olympic games in Rio much attention will be given to the athletes competing and their successes. We all know and understand the strength and persistence it takes to be an Olympic athlete. Years and years of practice, hard competition and pure will to continue. All athletes must be… Read More