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Kefir is a probiotic drink with many positive effects on your gut health and general well-being. It can be drank every day as it is – freshly fermented and strained or used in variety of dishes. Here are some ideas for kefir meals that can be prepared during the day. Breakfast kefir meals: Smoothies or Cereals… Read More

coconut water kefir brew

Filled with bacteria strains that improve your gut health, a great refreshment that can replace sugared sodas and packed with vitamins – coconut water kefir! Already enjoying fermented foods and becoming quite an expert on fermenting kefir? Wether milk or water kefir lover, coconut can be a new excitement in your fermenting experience. To prepare water… Read More

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Water kefir is a beverage made of water, sugar and kefir grains. The process needed to make water kefir is fermentation. Due to fermentation, kefir is lightly carbonated, acidic and contains a very low alcohol percentage. The main ingredient for the water kefir are kefir grains and water. And similar to milk kefir, the grains are a live… Read More


Looking for ideas for a quick lunch or afternoon snack where you can use the milk kefir? This quick and easy to make recipe for avocado filled with kefir and egg can also be a nutritious breakfast or dinner dish.  The runny egg yolk that oozes over avocado and combined gives a distinct savoury flavour is spiced… Read More


Homemade mozzarella isn’t something scary and complicated that any home cook couldn’t make. It actually takes very little time and only few ingredients to prepare this traditional Italian cheese. We decided to share this recipe for homemade mozzarella with you to give you some insight into all the delicious dishes that can be made with… Read More

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Brioche – a beautiful and tasty French pastry often enjoyed at breakfast. This rich buttery bread is usually made with milk or water which can easily be replaced with kefir. Our friend Carole Marret was so kind to share this recipe for brioche with us. Big thanks, Carole! We have tried them by ourselves and… Read More

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Don’t be intimidated, its not just our mothers and grandmothers who know the secrets to bread making. Kefir bread from spelt flour can be a tasty addition to your bread selection. By adding kefir to it you make a little twist that may even leave your mother wondering … Having some extra kefir in the… Read More

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How can probiotic drink help your kids immune system? Even though winter is slowly coming to its end, we are still facing non-stop common colds, coughing and other small health problems. Having kids, these colds are even more often, especially if they are in kindergarten or school. The food and drinks we consume have a huge effect… Read More

Chocolate muffins with apples.

With colder and shorter days we usually spend more time inside where it’s warm and cosy. And what better pastime is there than making magic with your spatula? Baking chocolate muffins is  fun and easy with delicious results that will appeal to every sweet tooth. Finally add some apple to make them even more juicy… Read More

Fizzy orangeade

If you like drinking water kefir, you may like to try giving to it some twist. And what better twist than mixing the water kefir with oranges. FIZZY ORANGEADE Ingredients: 6–8 tbsp water kefir grains (tibicos) 4 dcl orange juice + 4 dcl water; or 8 dcl cold water 4 cubes crystallized stem ginger or… Read More