Have you ever consider to mail kefir grains if you have too many? As you may notice, if you take a good care of your kefir grains, they will multiply. Perhaps the best way to get rid of extra grains is to ship them to someone who is looking for opportunity to grow its own home-made kefir. In case you don’t know any friend in need, check out some sharing sites. There you will find kefir lovers all over the world in quest to receive or send grains. Whether these are social networks communities or concrete websites, there is a good chance you will find your recipient.

There are a couple of different ways to mail these fragile grains and each of them depends on desired life duration of grains. For example, if you know they will reach its destination fast (up to 14 days), it is fine to send them in a fresh form. On the other hand, if you wish to store your grains and take time with shipment, the option is to partially or fully dehydrate the grains.

Here is the method of fresh form grains.

The steps are following:

First, wash your kefir grains and place it in a small zip bag. Add some water into the bag. To get an idea of the measure, if you add one tsp of grains add three tsp of cold water.


How to mail kefir grains? Step one

Second, add a pinch of sugar so your grains have some food while they travel. If there is any air left in the bag, squeeze it out as much as possible.


How to mail kefir grains? Step two

Third, place the bag with kefir grains into another, a bit bigger, zip bag. If you desire, it is possible to place it all together in the second, again bigger, zip bag.


How to mail kefir grains? Step three.

Zipped, your little package is ready for shipping. When you store it like this, kefir grains can live for two weeks.

Note: If you wish to make the shipment even more safe, you can use envelope with air bubbles.




  • I regularly have some spare kefir grains to share and would be happy to send through the post to anyone who will use them. Nobody round my area seems to be interested.

  • Are you talking about MILK kefir grains? I don’t understand how sugar could help them survive as they feed on lactose….?

    • Hi Nico!
      The grains need sugar to complete fermentation. This means, when there’s no sugar for a longer period of time, the grains will not survive. If you add some sugar when you mail kefir grains, you make sure they will stay active no matter how long it takes for the delivery. Milk kefir grains feed on lactose which is naturally occurring sugar in milk.

      • That’s very cool. Thank you. I thought I had to mail them in milk, which would be very messy…. Great stuff. Thank you!

  • I live in South-Western France and have been looking around for milk kefir for months. I would glady reimburse shipping costs.

    • Hi Tita!
      Have you already tried Kefirhood? Maybe you can ask someone there if you can’t find anyone nearby.

  • I have been searching everywhere in Michigan for milk kefir grains. All I can find are the water grains. Is there anyone willing to send me some please??

  • Hi, If they are milk kefir grains should they not be shipped in milk, or is it really okay to ship them in water with added sugar? Kind regards.

    • Hi David!
      Thanks for commenting. Kefir grains can easily survive in the water for quite some time. By adding sugar, you make sure that they receive food if needed.
      Ass a reseller for fresh milk kefir grains, I can tell you we send them in the sugar water solution. The packages are prepared by food technologists in a small local dairy factory. Read more on http://milkkefirgrains.com/en.
      Best regards, Urška

  • I’m in Colorado and would love some kefir grains. I have extra goat milk and I would like kefir for us and the animals. Thanks.

    • It depends what is the quality of water you have. Chlorine in water can sometimes kill of the live bacteria in kefir grains. You should be careful when using tap water if you are not sure about its quality. Maybe try using it only in a small part of the grains you have.
      Kind regards, Urška

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