Don’t be intimidated, its not just our mothers and grandmothers who know the secrets to bread making. Kefir bread from spelt flour can be a tasty addition to your bread selection. By adding kefir to it you make a little twist that may even leave your mother wondering …

Having some extra kefir in the fridge is a common thing for all kefir makers. No matter how much we use it in all the different dishes, the kefir grains, when fully activated, can produce so much kefir it slowly fills the room in our fridge.


Use the seeds you prefer to enrich your kefir bread.

Use the seeds you prefer to enrich your kefir bread.

Kefir bread for kefir lovers

Here’s the recipe for bread which includes the use of kefir. It is very simple to make and it doesn’t take a lot of time, therefore it’s just perfect to make for busy weekdays (assuming it will last so long:)


Ingredients for kefir bread

500 g of spelt flour

1/2 tsp of salt

kefir bread mix

Making kefir bread is simple and without kneading.

3-4 tbsp mixed seeds

400 ml of sparkling mineral water

2 tbsp of olive oil

5 tbsp of milk kefir


Instructions for kefir bread:

Preheat the oven to 180 °C (356 °F). Mix all dry

ingredients together in a bowl. Add  olive oil, kefir and

Use baking sheet for kefir bread.

Use baking sheet to bake the bread.

mineral water and gently mix it all together with a wooden spoon. At the end the mix will be a bit lumpy but it should not be too runny (add more flour in this case).

Put the mix in a baking tray with a baking sheet in it. Bake the bread for approximately 1 hour. It should be slightly brown when done.

After it’s done baking take it out of the oven and wrap it in a cloth. Leave to rest for a bit before you cut it.


Kefir bread with seeds can become a favourite afternoon snack.

Kefir bread with seeds can quickly become a favourite afternoon snack.

This kefir bread goes good together with soups and stews. It’s also delicious with kefir spread for an afternoon snack.

17 comments on “Kefir bread with spelt flour and seeds

    • Hi!
      This is a recipe with milk kefir. Thanks for noticing, I will change it in the blog. 😉
      Hope you’ll try the recipe.
      Cheers, Urška

  • Can you substite another flour to replace the spelt? Hopefully we will get same wonderful bread!
    Please give your thoughts….
    Thank you

    • Hello.
      Yes, you can use other types of flour, for instance all purpose or whole-wheat or whichever you prefer. Just notice that it can be a different result if you use non-gluten flour (corn, buckwheat etc.).
      Tell us how it goes with different types of flour.
      Regards, Urška

  • I thought you were using the extra kefir GRAINS for the recipe
    An interesting article anyway. Glad to see you building a community. It’s crucial
    I’m an admin in a Serbian kefir Facebook group 4.3k strong. If you would like to give in some merch, I could organize a lottery for the members and make a promo for your brand in that way.
    Let me know.

    Jovan Toroman.

    • Hello. Don’t know any recipes with grains, that would be interesting 🙂 but it’s not uncommon to eat the grains.
      We should definitely talk about collaboration. PLS contact us on and we can talk further. Thanks!

    • Hello!
      I don’t know the situation in your country, but kefir is quite common product in supermarkets. Usually in the shelf with other dairy products. But to get the best of kefir you should certainly make your own kefir. Check app to search for kefir grains to start.

    • Hi!
      Yes, as always with heating dairy products over certain degree the beneficial bacteria are killed. Nevertheless we wanted to present all different uses of kefir. Usually you can easily replace any dairy product (yogurt, sour cream) in recipes with the extra kefir you make at home. Anyways, we still believe kefir is the best and most beneficial when drank fresh and homemade.

      • This is true the probiotic qualities will be killed but the real reason one soaks grains in an acidic environment is to break down the physic acid.
        “Just as with nuts, soaking grains and legumes is essential for proper digestions. When eating grains and legumes that have not been soaked, the phytic acid binds to minerals in the gastrointestinal tract and can not be absorbed in the intestine and to many bound minerals can lead to mineral deficiencies.”

  • Hello
    Do you think it would be posible to replace te mineral water with the kefir whey protein obteined by filtering the kefir milk with paper filter (I use the filtered kefir milk to do cream cheese or greek yougurt but have much remains of the serum). Do you have any better idea for using it?

    • Hi!
      I couldn’t say what would be the result of using whey in this bread recipe. The whey is also often used for regeneration after workout as a drink. You should definitely try it and send us your feedback.

      • The reason whey is used to regenerate muscles after workouts is because it is where the protein is located. i.e.: “Whey Protein Powders”… so just pour some of the whey into your post workout smoothie and save yourself the money on cheap, denatured protein powders 🙂

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