Kefir is a probiotic drink with many positive effects on your gut health and general well-being. It can be drank every day as it is – freshly fermented and strained or used in variety of dishes. Here are some ideas for kefir meals that can be prepared during the day.

Breakfast kefir meals:

  • Smoothies or Cereals with milk kefir

There are so many options to eat kefir in a smoothie or with cereals.  Add some fresh or dried fruits, like raisins, raspberries, goji berries or nuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and coconut flakes. You can use homemade granola, oats, cornflakes or any other cereals you like.

Kefir granola - energy booster.

Kefir granola – energy booster.

kefir, super bowl, smoothie

Smoothie for any super foods lover.

  • Kefir spreads

When you strain the kefir in the cloth overnight it becomes more thick. This creamy spread is called kefir cheese. You can eat it as it is or add some flavors. It’s great in combination with this Bread made with kefir or Homemade brioche.

kefir bread

Bread with kefir and seeds.

baked brioche

Homemade brioche with kefir.

  • Spice things up

This recipe for Avocado filled with egg that was prepared by Urška Fartelj for the book of recipes Delicious kefir dishes included with every Kefirko Kefir Maker.

Like eggs for breakfast?

Like eggs for breakfast?

Lunch ideas:

  • Salad dressings

Kefir can be great for any type of salad dressing. It’s perfect consistency makes it stick to the salad and deliver the great taste. Add some spices to make it even better! This is a recipe for a mildly hot kefir dressing with spring salad.

Top your salad with mildly spicy kefir topping.

Top your salad with mildly spicy kefir topping.

  • Avocado and fresh cheese salad

Depending on the season you can use many different types of veggies for the salad with cheese. This recipe from Urška Fartelj is published in the new book of recipes Delicious Cheese Recipes included with the Kefirko Cheese Maker. In the dressing there is also whey – a nutritious liquid that strains when making kefir cheese.

Avocado and fresh cheese salad.

Avocado and fresh cheese salad.


2-3 tbsp whey
1tbps olive oil
½ avocado
1 tsp lemon juice

Salad ingredients:

fresh cheese

Mix all the ingredients for the salad dressing in the blender until smooth and pour it to the serving plate.

Clean and cut the veggies into cubes and put them on the plate on top of the dressing. start with bigger, leafier pieces and put the small ones on the top. Cut the fresh cheese (you can also grill it) and put it on the top of the salad.

These are great to eat with any kind of salad.

Baked Onion Buns with pumpkin seeds

Baked Onion Buns with pumpkin seeds.

A refreshing kefir drink that can quench your thirst every time of the day.

Fizzy orangeade

Fizzy orangeade.

Dinner ideas:

  • Kefir in soups

Kefir is a great addition to soups when it a bit thickened. Leave it to strain on a sieve for a few hours and some whey will strain out. The thick kefir is perfect to use with creamy soups. Here is a recipe for a pumpkin soup with kefir.

Pumpkin soup with kefir.

Pumpkin soup with kefir.

  • Kefir with meat

Thick kefir left on the sieve for about six hours is the perfect consistency for meat sauce. In this recipe by Urška Fartelj kefir is used in combination with horseradish.

Cooked beef with horseradish kefir sauce.

Cooked beef with horseradish kefir sauce.


150 g creamy kefir
3 tbsp grated horseradish
freshly ground black pepper
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar

Add finely grated horseradish to the creamy kefir, add spices and mix. This sauce goes well with cooked beef, but can also be used as a spread on rye or white bread, as a pizza topping, etc.


Can’t complete a meal without a dessert? Kefir is great in desserts. It can be used for baking or used fresh to preserve it’s probiotic value. Something sweet to end your kefir meals.

  • Muffins

An easy and quick dessert that almost always works out. Muffins are a delight, usually made with yogurt or milk, use kefir instead and use up all that leftover kefir. Here is the recipe for Chocolate muffins.

Chocolate muffins with apples.

Chocolate muffins with apples.

A dessert that not only kids love. Even though you have to plan ahead if you want to enjoy them, since it takes some time for them to freeze, they are an absolute delight and always popular.

Fruity probiotic ice lollies.

Fruity probiotic ice lollies.

  • Mango panna cotta

When you want to impress or just make something special for the end of the meal. This Mango panna cota is made from kefir and spruced up with fruit for a perfect mix of sweet and sour.

Mango panna cotta.

Mango panna cotta.

What are your ideal kefir meals ? Share in the comments your ideas!


Prepare a variety of kefir dishes with Kefirko Kefir Maker.


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